Product life cycle -- step by step

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An article by Josefina Blattmann. If you ever had a business idea you probably wondered which steps you should follow in order to discover if it’s actually a product, this article walks you through the process.

To achieve success, there must be a validated idea that will increase your chances of building an MVP that won’t be rejected by the market.

If you want to build a product, a feature or anything, you need to get the story straight and that’s where a Product Manager comes in. They need to make sure that there is a clear roadmap that makes sense to everyone.

Article then provides a great summary of the stages every product goes through:

  • Conceive – the unique value proposition of the product
  • Plan – market research of the features
  • Development – build the product
  • Iterate – learn from users

Article also goes briefly over possible scenarios in which you may consider a product finished. Good read!

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