A pragmatic architecture

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REST, CQRS and messaging are not just buzzwords to you? But you want to know how to put them all together? Then let’s make a plan! By Michael Zangerle. While working on Symfony applications for the last few years I have had a lot of fun but also my fair share of headaches while working on and especially maintaining them.

Symfony application architecture example

Source: @fusonic.net https://www.fusonic.net/developers/2021/03/01/a-pragmatic-architecture/

What author wanted to show you in this article is not a revolutionary new concept, but how to put some good concepts and ideas together to build a Symfony application that is reliable, maintainable, extendable, testable and easy to grasp with as few as possible dependencies.

The article content:

  • The general problems
  • REST conformity
  • API documentation
  • Validation
  • Unnecessary complexity
  • The controller
  • The service
  • CQRS
  • Messaging
  • API documentation

The approach to architecture should be a pragmatic one according author. So the focus is to provide the maximum value for developers and the customer. Interesting read!

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