Phoenix LiveView: leave regular web development behind

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Introduction into Phoenix LiveView by Jean DerGurahian. A frequent goal of web development is to create meaningful, satisfying user experiences through robust web applications. LiveView-powered applications are stateful on the server with bidirectional communication via WebSockets, offering a vastly simplified programming model compared to JavaScript alternatives.

The best part: Using Phoenix LiveView means programmers no longer having to write JavaScript and manage complex client-side interaction development to build web apps. For organizations looking for fast, high-performing software to power their websites, Phoenix LiveView provides rich, real-time user experiences while reducing costly development processes.

Because this stateful cycle is built on Elixir, a platform made for stateful systems that can handle millions of connections, updates can be pushed to the client in a cost-effective manner. This process can’t be done over stateless HTTP.

Very interesting read together with link to Chris McCord Keynote on youtube!

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