Open sourcing the Netflix Domain Graph Service Framework: GraphQL for Spring Boot

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Alex Birsan recently published his article “Dependency Confusion: How I Hacked Into Apple, Microsoft and Dozens of Other Companies” in which he explains how he used language level package managers like npm (Javascript), pip (Python), and gems (Ruby) to get companies to install and run his malicious code on their infrastructure. By Paul Bakker and Kavitha Srinivasan.

The key features of the DGS Framework include: annotation-based spring boot programming model, test framework for writing query tests as unit tests, gradle code generation plugin to create java/kotlin types from a graphql schema, easy integration with graphql federation, integration with spring security, graphql subscriptions (websockets and sse), file uploads, error handling, automatic support for interface/union types, a graphql client for java, pluggable instrumentation.

The article then reads about:

  • Why we needed a DGS framework
  • Schema-first development
  • The framework in action
  • Fitting into the GraphQL Server Ecosystem
  • Federation
  • Framework architecture
  • Distributed tracing and metrics

The DGS Framework has been a success at Netflix owing to the efforts of multiple teams coming together. Further, you will find links to the further reading, documentation and tutorials in the article. Good read!

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