Network MOP's as automated workflows

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While there are generic use-cases, the real value of automation is truly uncovered when you are able to translate your existing processes into automated workflows that need no human intervention in order to be executed. By Nicolas Leiva.

Speaking of generic use-cases, network configuration management is probably at the top of the charts. In this case, what would be the benchmark to determine the time/cost savings our automated strategy is generating?

You will also find in this article:

  • Network configuration management
  • Code examples
    • Operational data validation
    • Data collection and parsing
    • Data validation
    • Functional Testing

Network automation use-cases can come from within your organization, without the need to look at what others might be doing somewhere else.

Network configuration management example


A good way to translate network automation into business value is by taking existing processes and automating them to make them more consistent and faster to run. This is a step towards getting buy-in from your peers or management to adopt automation as a business-critical practice. If your current Methods of Procedure (MOP) are a series of steps to follow in a Word document, then you are in front of a great opportunity to take advantage of automation. Good read!

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