Network functions virtualization: all roads Lead to OPNFV

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In his blog post Amar Kapadia gives comprehensive description of the various open source NFV (Network Function Virtualization) projects integrated by OPNFV (Open Platform for NFV) and the carrier grade features contributed back to these upstream projects by the community.

OPNFV is the only open source project that integrates, deploys, and tests a wide range of open source NFV projects on a continuous basis:

  • NFV infrastructure (NFVI)
  • Virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM)
  • SDN Controller
  • Management and network orchestration (MANO)

Like OPNFV, OpenDaylight (ODL), is also a Linux Foundation project. It is a full blown modular SDN controller that caters to multiple use cases such as NFV, IoT, and enterprise applications. Plethora of information in this post and links to many resources and a book.

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