MVVM Architecture -- Android tutorial for beginners, step by step guide

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Amit Shekhar put together this interesting tutorial in which you are going to learn about the MVVM architecture in Android and then you will build a project with MVVM architecture. MVVM architecture is a Model-View-ViewModel architecture that removes the tight coupling between each component.

MVVM architecture


The tutorial covers the following topics:

  • What is MVVM architecture?
  • Set up a new project with Kotlin and other dependencies required.
  • Project Structure.
  • Set up the utils package.
  • Set up the data layer.
  • Set up UI layer, build and run the project.
  • Project Source Code and What Next?

Importantly, in MVVM architecture, the children don’t have the direct reference to the parent, they only have the reference by observables. The author will walk you through explanation based on a new project written in Kotlin. You will also get project code in GitHub repository so you can follow tutorial. Good read!

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