Music and video at the Linux terminal

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Jason Baker (Red Hat) wrote short guide how to play music and video while working in Linux terminal. Your terminal doesn’t have to just be for text. Enjoy video and audio at the command line as you work with these simple tools.

As a system administrator, you probably spend a lot of time at your terminal. We all have a tool that we begrudge having to leave the command line to use, whether it’s for a web browser or a desktop GUI application.

Author looks at three tools for enjoying sound and video at your Linux terminal: youtube-dl, mplayer, and cava. You might choose mpv as a suitable mplayer replacement.

The article then explains in greater detail:

  • Listen to the radio (mplayer)
  • Visualize your music
  • Watch a video

A note: please don’t use youtube-dl in any context that would violate the copyright laws in your jurisdiction. Short and sweet, excellent guide for any Linux geek!

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