Maximizing your security posture with Azure ATP

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Interesting article from Chris Hallum from Microsoft. Their customers spend a lot of time and money on security solutions and very few of them are taking full advantage of the solutions they’ve deployed. Even fewer of them are deploying or maintaining these solutions correctly. Based on this it’s not surprising to see stats like “93% of all breaches could have been avoided if basic cyber hygiene had been in place” (Online Trust Alliance).

The industry and even our customers have been overly focused on finding technological solutions with the hope they’ll will address the people and process issues that are the root cause of so many incidents.

The article then deals with:

  • Using Microsoft Secure Score to amp your security posture for identity
  • Top 5 most impactful improvement actions to prioritize
  • How to install Azure ATP Sensor on all domain controllers
  • How to set a honeytoken account
  • How to configure VPN integration
  • How to configure Microsoft Defender ATP Integration
  • Fixing advanced audit policy issues

Excellent and straight to the point article – a quick tour of the top improvement actions for Azure ATP. As you can likely tell from the list, implementing them will have no negative impact on your users and each of them can be quickly enabled. Nice one!

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