Mastering web components in Ionic 4

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In this series of posts we are going to go deeper on the new structure and core concepts of Ionic 4 and explore more advanced topics. Author also believes that the few structural changes that were made in Ionic 4 are a big win for the framework. By Agustin Haller.

The big thing about web components is encapsulation, this has a lot of benefits, but also enforce you to follow a more strict interface, leaving behind the anarchy and flexibility of Ionic 3 non web component elements.

The article then dives deep into Ionic and describes:

  • A big step forward towards the future of the web: Web Components
  • Styling Ionic 4 components
  • Customizing Ionic 4 components
  • Getting started with Stencil
  • Creating a Web Component with Stencil
  • Building a multi-color SVG icon web component

Plenty of code examples with detailed explanation also provided. And they also released Ionic 5 full starter app? It’s an ionic 5 template that you can use to jump start your Ionic app development and save yourself hundreds of hours of design and development. Super exciting!

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