Making sentiment analysis easy with Scikit-learn

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Lesley Cordero article about sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis uses computational tools to determine the emotional tone behind words. Python has a bunch of handy libraries for statistics and machine learning so in this post we’ll use Scikit-learn to learn how to add sentiment analysis to our applications.

Scikit-learn is a Python module with built-in machine learning algorithms. Author uses the Logistic Regression model, which is a linear model commonly used for classifying binary data.

Further in this article:

  • Environment setup for Python 3.6
  • A quick note on Jupyter
  • Preparing the data
  • Linear classifier using the LogisticRegression
  • Note on model accuracy

You can build a classifier with less than 50 lines of Python code and no math. This is a good starting point for anybody interested in machine learning.

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