Low-code in the insurance industry: What every insurer should know

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Developing and supporting complex software solutions in the insurance industry requires the detailed and comprehensive work of an entire team of experienced developers. Low-code platforms can serve as an auxiliary tool for traditional development methods. By Oleg Svet.

Insurance companies, known for relying on old-fashioned and inflexible legacy systems, face numerous challenges when trying to transition into digital transformation and stay competitive in the increasingly technological business world.

This article covers:

  • What is low-code?
  • How low-code is solving challenges in the insurance industry?
  • Benefits of low-code for insurance businesses
  • Best low-code platforms for your insurance company

An impressive 97% of respondents reported that their low-code experiences met or exceeded their expectations.

While low-code presents a remarkable solution for many insurance tasks, it’s essential to recognise that complex software solutions in the insurance industry often require more nuanced and comprehensive approaches. Good read!

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