Lottie for Android primer

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Visual design is quite important for an app. The quality of apps has been steadily increased over the years, and the aesthetic part is the area with the biggest improvement in my opinion. By Bevan Steele.

Lottie is a multi-platform open-source library, initially made by Airbnb, for quickly and easily showing smooth animations. These animations are made in Adobe After Effects and they are vector-based (i.e. they can scale without pixelating). But you don’t need to worry about this and you don’t need to make them because there are plenty of such short and cute animations all over the internet (e.g. LordIcons, LottieFiles).

Lottie - library for Android, iOS, Web, and Windows that parses Adobe After Effects animations

Source: https://www.rockandnull.com/lottie-android/

The actual animation is a JSON file that describes the path, color, etc. After acquiring that file, you would need to place it in the Assets directory of your Android project. This is a different directory from your Resources directory where drawables are placed. You would probably need to create it, by right-clicking in the Project Explorer in Android Studio, New -> Folder -> Assets Folder. Place your JSON file in the /app/assets/ folder that has been created.

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