Load balancing with HAProxy, Nginx and Keepalived in Linux

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Tutorial by Rishi Raj Gautam on linuxhandbook.com focusing on load balancers. Having a proper set up of load balancer allows your web server to handle high traffic smoothly instead of crashing down. In this tutorial, he explains how to setup a load balancer with high availability.

Load balancing is the process of distributing workloads to multiple servers. It is like distributing workloads between day shift and night shift workers in a company.

In this tutorial, we are going to set up a load balancer for web server using Nginx, HAProxy and Keepalived. Out of three the less known is Keepalived. [Keepalived] is an open-source program that supports both load balancing and high availability. It is basically a routing software and provides two types of load balancing:

  • Layer 4 (transport layer)
  • Layer 7 (application layer)

Keepalived can perform following 2 functions very well:

  • Health checking
  • Implements VRRP (virtual redundancy routing protocol) to handle load-balance failover

Detailed instructions and setup together with informational charts in the article. Great read!

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