Kubernetes in space - Azure

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Brendan Thompson published this article about deploying Kubernetes (k8s) to the major public clouds. There is a lot of drive with Cloud Native technology and consuming public clouds native PaaS offerings and I think we are losing some of the joy and certainly flexibility when it comes to consuming those.

As a solution to this author personally prefers to use k8s where ever possible. It does, however, raise some other problems wherein organizations occasionally will try and push really nasty old COTS applications into k8s, which for anyway who has spent any time doing this knows that seldom does that work out well.

The content of the article:

  • Design
  • Infrastructure as Code
    • Backend
    • Providers
    • Variables
    • Network
    • Main
  • Deployment

Kubernetes components in Azure

Source: https://brendanthompson.com/posts/2021/k8s-in-space-azure

We liked author’s suggestion: If your organisation is running in Azure and you’re looking for to use kubernetes, I would say that it is well worth checking out AKS as long as you do not have the requirement for fully private clusters. Good read!

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