IoT gateways explained: A detailed guide for 2024

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If you work with IoT, you probably know how challenging it may be to manage Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices effectively. This challenge grows as more diverse gadgets and sensors join your ecosystem. And that’s where the IoT gateway steps in. By Kostiantyn Oliynyk.

An IoT gateway, an often overlooked but critical Internet of Things component, is pivotal to running devices and systems smoothly. Think of it as a bridge that connects various communication technologies to the cloud. Valued at $1.77 billion in 2024, this tech transforms smart devices into full-fledged, functional IoT solutions.

Further in the article:

  • Understanding IoT Gateways
  • IoT Gateway Architecture overview
  • Communication protocols in IoT Gateways
  • Features of IoT Gateways
  • IoT Standard Protocols and Data Formats
  • IoT Gateway use cases
  • Applications of IoT Gateways

… and more. IoT gateways are the glue of modern IoT ecosystems. They facilitate seamless data exchange, enable connectivity, and streamline data collection and processing. Good read!

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