Intel dives deeper into AI with new mobile and server processors

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Intel’s momentus “AI Everywhere” campaign to show it is a strong competitor in the AI chip arena moved into high gear Thursday. CEO Pat Gelsinger and top executives argued the company can help customers with AI training and inference jobs across huge data centers as well as aboard AI PCs and even on smaller mobile devices. By Matt Hamblen.

The document says that Intel is making new chips for data centers and mobile devices to handle the increasing demand for AI workloads. The company is launching Core Ultra and 5th Gen Xeon processors. Intel is also working on software tools to make it easier for developers to use AI. Some analysts believe that Intel’s AI Everywhere strategy could be successful, but it will take time for the market to mature.

While most of the application merits of AI PCs from various chipmakers are yet to be realized, Intel also briefed reporters on side-by-side performance attributes of its Fifth Generation Xeon Scalable server processors, code-named Emerald Rapids, and compared them head-to-head with what AMD offers, while also asserting the qualitative value of its CPUs next to wildly successful GPUs from Nvidia. Good read!

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