Integrating Apache Kafka into your CI/CD with Jenkins & Lenses

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This tutorial will illustrate how you can integrate Lenses into your Jenkins CI/CD using the lenses-cli. The Lenses CLI allows you to manage your Apache Kafka environment using a single unified and secure API across all Kafka components (Kafka Brokers, Zookeepers, Kafka Connect, Schema Registry etc.). By Mihalis Tsoukalos.

Integrating Lenses with Jenkins will simplify automating the deployment of real time applications across your different Apache Kafka environments.

The tutorial then guides you via:

  • Pre-requisites
  • The Scenario
  • GitHub Webhook
  • Creating the Jenkins Job
  • Pushing data to the GitHub repository
  • Watching the results

There is also GitHub repository available with all the code. Now that you know how to use GitHub actions to communicate with Lenses, you should start automating as many things as possible. Learn how to apply GitOps to your real time pipelines in this blog post. Nice one!

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