How we improved developer productivity for our DevOps teams

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Across Spotify, our teams diligently strive to fulfill our mission to “unlock the potential of human creativity by giving millions of creative artists the opportunity to live off their work, and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it”. Published by Maria Jernström and Jason Palmer.

Our Golden Paths were created to help engineers start new projects quickly. This tool uses the wizard format to reduce the number of decisions engineers have to make to build backend services, application features, data pipelines, machine learning projects, and web apps. Golden Paths are also accompanied with documentation that describes the best engineering practices for this type of project.

Platform Developer Experience (PDX) Tribe, part of Spotify’s Technology Infrastructure Group, focuses on unlocking the creativity of engineers by building tools and establishing best practices that automate processes to make Spotify a true DevOps company. In Spotify focusing on speed, means quickly turning their ideas into products and experimenting to improve the user experience, growing into new markets, and remaining competitive as a content streaming provider

The article the describes how:

  • We need to experiment quickly
  • Automating the workflow to decrease build times
  • Let’s start with the Golden Path
  • Automatically building websites
  • Helping engineers confidently perform continuous deployment
  • DevOps operations for autonomous teams
  • Recapping our efforts to improve our DevOps organization

Previously, it took about 14 days for a web developer to build a campaign site, requiring a heavier lift to manage integrations between different technologies. To create a website developer used to have to complete many steps. There was clearly an opportunity for them to build a new process, automate the project setup, and allow Spotify’s engineers to move faster. As an infrastructure team, they’re consistently pushing the needle forward to create abstractions that reduce low-variance work. Very nice!

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