How to reuse AWS S3 bucket for multiple serverless framework deployments

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When using Serverless Framework, the default behaviour is the creation of a S3 bucket for each serverless.yml file, since they are treated as separated projects. By Eduardo Rabelo on

AWS has a soft limit of 100 S3 buckets per account. You can increase your account bucket limit to a maximum of 1,000 buckets, but depending on your workload, this can still be a problem.

How can you leverage the benefits of Serverless Framework and still keep your AWS sane? The answer relies on one option of the serverless.yml file called deploymentBucket.

The article has these sections:

  • Anatomy of “deploymentBucket” option
  • Using “deploymentBucket” in multiple projects

This is very “hands on” tutorial which will explain and give you all you need for deployment of various services from one S3 bucket. With a simple change, you can avoid hitting the limits of your AWS account and still benefit from the usage of Serverless Framework. Links to additional articles and all the code is also available. Nice one!

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