How to migrate a REST API to GraphQL the smart way with StepZen

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How GraphQL might be a better fit for your next project than RESTful APIs. By

With the shift away from monolithic apps, REST APIs have been the go-to approach to standardize how the different moving parts in a system work together and share data. However, REST is also an inflexible, often ambiguous standard (it’s only a set of guidelines) with several architectural and implementation issues, and has proven to scale poorly with modern client needs - which are data-intensive and rapidly changing.

The article then guides you through:

  • How GraphQL improves on REST APIs
  • So where does StepZen fit in?
  • Case Study: Migrating a REST API to GraphQL via StepZen
  • The Best Of Both Worlds

GraphQL is incredibly powerful and flexible, and StepZen - with its powerful CLI tool, a plethora of features, pre-made schemas for a huge number of data sources, and extensive documentation - makes it incredibly easy to implement GraphQL and get the best of both worlds for all your development needs. Good read!

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