How to manage storage on Linux with LVM

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An article by Seth Kenlon describing how to create, expand, and encrypt storage pools as needed with the Linux LVM utilities. There are lots of reasons to use it, especially in a data center or any place where storage requirements change over time.

The tutorial then dives into:

  • How to create an LVM pool
  • How to add space to your pool
  • How to use utils to understand your storage structure
  • How to use LVM in a rescue environment
  • How to integrate LVM with LUKS encryption
  • How to use encrypted drive

Using LVM and Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) encryption toolchain is easy, and it provides flexibility for you as a user and an admin. Being tightly integrated into Linux itself, it’s well-supported and a great way to add a layer of security to your data. Insightful!

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