How to learn Scala for data engineering?

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Scala has been one of the most trusted and reliable programming languages for several tech giants and startups to develop and deploy their big data applications. Top companies from Netflix and LinkedIn to Foursquare and AirBnB take advantage of the many benefits of Scala in reliably developing their platforms and integrating with state-of-the-art machine learning models. By ParamRaval.

The article makes a good job explaining:

  • What is Scala for data engineering?
  • Why should data engineers Learn Scala for data engineering?
  • Java vs. Scala for data engineering
  • Python vs. Scala for data engineering
  • Learn Scala for data engineering - How to get started
  • Scala for data engineering tutorial - Beginning to code in Scala

Although not widely known, Scala has been developed over several years to tackle some significant problems in handling massive data pipelines. Several months ago, worldwide feedback from companies working with large datasets showed us how they had shifted their big data projects to Scala, given its flexibility and production performance. Nice one!

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