How to encrypt files with gocryptfs on Linux

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Gocryptfs encrypts at the file level, so synchronization operations can work efficiently on each file. An article by Brian “bex” Exelbierd (Red Hat).

Gocryptfs is a Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE)-mounted file-level encryption program. FUSE-mounted means that the encrypted files are stored in a single directory tree that is mounted, like a USB key, using the FUSE interface.

This allows any user to do the mount—you don’t need to be root. Because gocryptfs encrypts at the file level, synchronization operations that copy your files can work efficiently on each file. This contrasts with disk-level encryption, where the whole disk is encrypted as a single, large binary blob.

The article covers:

  • Installation of gocryptfs
  • How to initialize your encrypted filesystem
  • How to use your encrypted filesystem
  • Unmounting the filesystem
  • Backing up your data
  • Bonus: Reverse mode

Gocryptfs is a flexible file encryption tool that allows you to store your data in an encrypted manner without changing your workflow or processes significantly. Nice one!

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