How to create a storage bucket in the GCP cloud storage console

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Google Cloud provides three main services for different types of storage: Persistent Disks for block storage, Filestore for network file storage and Cloud Storage for object storage. In this blog, we are discussing the third Cloud storage for object storage in detail. By Gopal.

Cloud Storage is a service for storing your objects in Google Cloud. An object is an immutable piece of data consisting of a file of any format. You store objects in containers called buckets. All buckets are associated with a project, and you can group your projects under an organization. Thus the Google cloud storage hierarchy will be Organization → Project → Bucket → Object.

The article then walks you through:

  • Basic tools for interacting with the Cloud storage
  • Prerequisites for creating a storage bucket
  • Creating a storage bucket in GCP

GCP Cloud storage is reliable and secure object storage. You can make a transition to lower-cost classes easily when it meets the criteria you specify, such as when it reaches a certain age or when you’ve stored a newer version of the data. Through “storage transfer service” and “transfer service for on-premise data” easily transfer your on-premise data to any GCP storage bucket easily.

All accompanied by detailed screen shots so you can follow article smoothly. Nice tutorial.

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