How to create a custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda and Serverless framework

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The world of artificial intelligence assistants is growing with such velocity that it doesn’t surprise us anymore and it’s about to be ubiquitous. Written by Maria Meheden.

Most of us already engage with AI algorithms on a daily basis: search engines, transportation, healthcare, personal finance, aviation, and many more. Most of the development in AI is associated with benefits to humanity, everything from face and voice recognition to the latest self-driving cars.

Interaction Model - the frontend - and the Hosted Service -the backend


Conversational interfaces (CI) became one of the main digital marketing trends of last years. In the words of Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, a partner at Obvious Ventures and co-founder of Twitter, “the future operating system for humanity is the conversation.” Conversational interfaces are not just a fun thing, but a great opportunity for brands to be in close communication with their target audience.

The article deals with:

  • Artificial intelligence assistants introduction
  • Creating an Amazon Alexa Skill
  • Building the Lambda function

You will get all the code for lambda function and also charts explaining some concepts. Once you start interacting with Alexa, it becomes so comfortable that you start wanting more from it and you realize that a voice interface isn’t something that’s foreign or not to be adopted. A pathway to grow your business. Well written!

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