How to build Raspberry Pi UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

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Tutorial by Zach Levine published on He will teach you how to build your own Raspberry Pi UPS using some simple hardware. You can use this method to power a Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero, or any other Pi.

An uninterruptible power supply ensures that your Pi project will continue to function through minor power fluctuations, power outages, or even the occasional bumped AC adapter.

If you don’t shut your Raspberry Pi down properly, you risk corrupting your Pi’s SD card, sort of like yanking the cord out of your desktop computer every time you want to shut it down.

The right UPS setup can even notify you or send a safe shutdown command to the Pi if the UPS battery gets too low.

The article is detailed and amongst others explains:

  • Raspberry Pi UPS options
  • UPS runtime
  • How to install Raspbian & configure your Raspberry Pi
  • Connect the PiJuice hardware (HAT)
  • How to install the PiJuice software

… and much more. You will also get detailed images depicting all that steps. Pretty neat!

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