How to become your own mentor

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The art of picking up wisdom from many different places. As creative entrepreneurs, we are always relying on inspiration. It’s what drives us forward to make new art and express ourselves in a financially viable way. By Jesty Beatz.

You can have the best idea in the world, but it won’t matter if you lack the knowledge of executing it. For this, we are dependent on those who came before us, those who cultivated their own knowledge through experience: mentors.

Unfortunately, not all of us will have the privilege of directly studying under a capable mentor. That doesn’t mean that you have to go at it without any help whatsoever, nor that you can’t move intelligently on your own. And once you have become successful, you will have the option of becoming the mentor you may never have had for others.

The most important aspect of having or being a mentor is cultivating wisdom from experience. When you put yourself out there, be aware. When you succeed, try to assess exactly why you could be successful in a given venture. What about your actions created a positive effect?

If you continue to succeed, you will eventually find yourself in a position where others rely on you for their livelihoods and inspiration. This is a great privilege, which is all too often taken for granted. Good read!

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