How K3s, Portworx, and Calico can serve as a foundation of cloud native edge infrastructure

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Kubernetes is finding its way from the cloud to the edge via the data center. During the early days, Kubernetes was considered for hyperscale workloads running in the public cloud. It eventually became the consistent and unified infrastructure layer to run workloads in hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. By Janakiram MSV.

The rise of the Internet of Things and AI prompted the industry in moving the compute capabilities closer to the data which has become the edge computing layer.

The article is split into few sections:

  • The building blocks of edge
  • K3s – The Kubernetes distribution for the edge
  • Portworx – The container-native storage layer
  • Project Calico – Secure network for the edge

Project Calico brings fine-grained network policies to Kubernetes. While Kubernetes has extensive support for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), the default networking stack available in the upstream Kubernetes distribution doesn’t support fine-grained network policies. Great read!

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