How Infrastructure As Code is transforming platform engineering

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Establishing and managing manual infrastructure for both hardware and software components, ensuring seamless operation of each tool individually and collectively, is a labor-intensive process susceptible to human error. By

Platform engineering has proven particularly valuable in DevOps architectures and cloud-based computing. The main focus of platform engineering is to improve the developer experience, automate infrastructure, enable self-service capabilities, and drive automation throughout the software development lifecycle.

Further in the article:

  • Platform engineering best practices
  • IaC: Driving platform engineering automation
  • Critical considerations for implementing IaC in platform engineering
  • The future of platform engineering and IaC

Platform engineers and operations teams may effectively install and manage infrastructure resources while minimizing operational overhead by utilizing the scalability and flexibility of cloud-native solutions. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies is altering infrastructure management practices, offering new opportunities for intelligent automation and optimization of software code. Good read!

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