How IBM is helping accelerate AI adoption and application centric connectivity

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Outside the glitz of new phones, connected cars and 5G with everything, there are some real challenges the industry must address. Top of mind for me are three key challenges, and opportunities, to which we must all pay attention, should we expect our industry to remain healthy. By Andrew Coward.

The article then covers:

  • Accelerating AI adoption and skills for the telecoms sector
  • Deriving value from modern application architecture with hybrid cloud connectivity
  • Eliminating network complexity and bolstering application connectivity

Enterprises continue to adopt edge, hybrid, and multicloud architectures with applications and data assets spread across public and private clouds while also supporting a remote, dynamic userbase. This creates a consistent issue: IT teams struggle with delivering secure, predictable network connectivity that is required by their applications, and often have no idea how applications are connected to each other because they no longer control or manage the network resources. Interesting read!

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