How I've learned to deal with touchy managers as a software engineer

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How do I work around a touchy manager relationship as a software engineer? You asked and Neil from has some answers. By Neil Green.

The definition of “touchy” is “oversensitive and irritable,” which necessarily means they are a poor manager. Good managers are calm, rational, and are empathetic to the needs of their subordinates.

What you have is better called a “boss,” as they allow their personality flaws to show in their managerial approach. Therefore, I read your question as, “How do I work around an oversensitive and irritable boss?

Working for a bad boss is often cited as the #1 reason why people quit their job, and I would be remiss not to recommend that you find a new position working for an experienced manager. Touchy bosses tend to focus primarily on the mistakes you make, which can result in nonconstructive criticism.

To make them easier to deal with, helping your boss deal with the sources of their stress might help improve their managerial style. Managers often deal with a copious amount of pressure at work, and you might be able to alleviate some of their stress to help calm them down:

  • Are they overseeing a project that is behind schedule? Help to put the project back on schedule
  • Are their subordinates not performing? Help them improve the performance of low-performing individuals
  • Are people constantly complaining to them about work conditions? Help address the source of the complaints.

All of these are easier said than done and share the characteristic of rewarding bad behavior. However, reducing the ambient stress your boss deals with might improve their managerial approach. Interesting.

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