How I created a coronavirus tracker app in just 3 days with Ionic and Firebase

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Kapil Raghuwanshi creted this tutorial for any fun of hybrid mobile apps. He is really fond of Hybrid App technologies – they help us achieve so much in a single codebase. Using the Ionic Framework, author developed a cross-platform mobile solution for tracking Coronavirus cases in just 3 days.

You are going to learn how to develop an Android, iOS, and Progressive Web App to track the cases around us with the latest related news, help, and feedback sections. Thus this tutorial is for everyone who has just a basic understanding of Web Fundamentals. So, let’s begin.

The author then describes everything in detail:

  • Idea, plan, and engineering
  • Technology stack
  • Tooling
  • Installation & scaffolding
  • Developing COVID19 dashboard and safety guidelines tabs
  • Developing country and news tabs
  • Developing the help tab and deployment

The article is very detailed and contains a ton of resources, detailed explanations of the code with multiple screen-grabs for all 3 targeted platforms (Progressive Web App (PWA), IoS and Android). Due to policy issues of the epidemic, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and others are not accepting app packages related to the Coronavirus. So until and unless you have authenticity proofs from any Government, Hospitals, or any designated Health Institution, no stores are accepting these apps. Still super useful and we recommend to bookmark the article for your future reference!

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