How desktop and GPU virtualisation power up automotive innovation

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With the race towards autonomy becoming fiercer, the costs to use these new enabling technologies are rising exponentially. Moreover, the need for talent and experts across the world is forcing companies to shift to remote work. You’ve probably heard of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) and vGPUs (virtual GPUs), but why would you need one and how could they help your company? By Bertrand Boisseau.

In order to validate autonomous driving (AD) and ADAS systems, algorithms have to go through intense simulations. These simulations require building virtual scenes that replicate very realistic environments where driving scenarios can be tested.

In tihs article you will get info on:

  • Setting the stage for autonomous vehicle validation
  • Early work on simulations kicks off
  • GPUs add much-needed power but scalability issues arise
  • Enter VDIs
  • vGPUs save the day

Use of NVIDIA virtual GPUs enables the teams now provision virtual GPU devices on-demand, without buying additional hardware. This allows them to allocate GPU resources on the fly to VMs. By doing so, not only do they increase efficiency by improving resource consumption, they also accelerate the way their developers work. Nice one!

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