How code quality is measured: Android code review at Yalantis

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Programmers are the authors of great builds just as writers are the authors of bestselling novels. But behind the scenes, there are always many people who contribute to the process. The best code – like the best products of any type – is the result of collaboration. All programmers, both senior-level software engineers and beginners, occasionally need somebody else to take a fresh look at their code and find issues in it. This is how code quality is ensured at Yalantis. By Kate Abrosimova and Olexander Taran.

In this article, authors show you why and how they do code reviews and give some useful tips on performing a code review:

  • Goals and benefits of code reviews
  • Important aspects of code analysis
    • Documentation clarity
    • Code styling
    • Architectural patterns
    • Simplicity
    • Error handling
    • Test coverage
    • Performance monitoring
    • Security
  • Android code review tools

Code review is a good development practice, but it requires time and effort from the reviewer. And as an app becomes more complex and more developers start working on the project, more resources are required for code review. SonarQube is a powerful code analyzer that works with 27 programming languages, works seamlessly with build frameworks, and integrates with popular CI engines like Jenkins TeamCity. They use SonarQube for regular code checks in most of our projects. Good read!

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