Home grown IoT - simple DevOps

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The guide by Aaron Powell on topic of IoT and DevOps. When it comes to CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) for IoT projects it can feel a bit daunting, you’ve got this tiny little computer that you’re trying to get stuff onto, it’s not just “the cloud” that you’re targeting. This is part 7 in series of 8 articles.

The information is split into:

  • Deploying to a Raspberry Pi
  • Introducing IoT Edge
  • Getting the solution ready for DevOps
  • IoT Edge Modules
  • Deployments with IoT Edge
  • Running a Deployment

A Module is an application that is running on your device and is defined in a JSON file. A device may have multiple Modules deployed onto it, but a Module is a single application. You will be deploying containers on Raspberry Pi!

Neat article how to deploy dotnet application on edge. Please check the rest oif the series. Nice one!

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