Here's how to use Istio with other Nginx ingress proxies

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It’s been a common problem that we’ve been asked to address, and something that pops up frequently. Can I use Istio with other ingress proxies? In a word? Yes. Written by Tetrate.

A persistent issue for many engineers wanting to adopt Istio has been that they want to make use of the numerous benefits that it can provide, including its ability to solve telemetry issues, security and transport problems, as well as policy concerns all in one place, but redesigning their entire service to fit with their hopes for the mesh, they need aspects of the mesh to fit in with them.

Ingress outside of application namespace


The common method has been to run the ingress proxy with an Istio sidecar, which can handle certificates/identity from Citadel and perform mTLS into the mesh.

The article then contains information about how to configure this in three simple ways. You will get all the code required with detailed explanation how to do it. Nice one!

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