Healthcare analytics platform reference architecture

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This document explains the architecture of the healthcare analytics platform—a set of tools on Google Cloud that helps you process clinical and operational healthcare data—to researchers, data scientists, IT teams, and business analysts. By

Healthcare organizations often exist in a siloed data world that includes multiple systems, data types, and modalities. You can modernize your infrastructure by moving healthcare data from multiple on-premises sources into an analytics platform on Google Cloud, which lets you harmonize data, monitor data pipelines, run analytics, and create visualizations for provider insights and data-driven decision-making.

This document is the first part of a series about building and deploying your healthcare analytics platform on Google Cloud:

  • Architecture: HIPAA-aligned Cloud Healthcare
  • Ingesting clinical and operational data with Cloud Data Fusion
  • Transforming and harmonizing healthcare data for BigQuery
  • Storing healthcare data in BigQuery
  • Analyzing FHIR data in BigQuery
  • Tracking provenance and lineage metadata for healthcare data
  • Managing healthcare data access in BigQuery

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