Handling multiline logs with Loki and Fluent Bit on Kubernetes

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Logging is one of the core parts of monitoring in an application life cycle. Fluent Bit is an open-source project that allows log processing and forwarding. In this post, I will point out some useful hin that I have found during configuring the fluent bit for our environment. Loki is another tool from Grafana used for log aggregations. By @cleancloud-k8s.com.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install following stack:

  • Prometheus de facto metrics collection in monitoring landspace
  • Grafana a genius visualization plaform(optinal)
  • Loki is the log aggregation system
  • Fluent-bit log Processor and forwarder

The focus of this post is the Fluent-Bit so it worth writing a few sentences more about. It is written in C language thus makes extremely performant and since an open-source project is, it is constantly developed and maintained. For further information go and have a look at its web page. You will get a step by step tutorial how to install all the above together with configuration and deployment yaml files for kubernetes and helm. Nice one!

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