A Guide to software delivery value stream mapping

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Value-stream mapping (VSM) is a lean manufacturing technique popularized in the 90s after its successful applications in the manufacturing industry with companies like Toyota. Written by Tiffany Jachja.

A VSM is also known as a material and information flow map. Using this map, you can identify areas of improvement and map your current state to your future state. This blog post summarizes the key concepts of VSM and shares how you can use VSM within your IT organization.

The content of the article is split for:

  • Value stream map symbols and components
  • Creating a value stream map
  • Evaluating a value stream map
  • Harness your value stream

There are some more ways to look at a Value Stream Map, which borrows from lean manufacturing concepts. To optimize the flow of value you have to consider mura(unevenness), muri(overburdening), and muda(waste). Good read!

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