Good engineering practices while working solo

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An article by Shalvah about time when you got to go it alone and how do you make the most out of it. And while much of product development involves being able to manage or work with the rest of the team, it’s equally important to develop good practices while working solo.

Why should I bother about my engineering practices?

  • You’ll be an asset to your team
  • You’ll be a better developer

Some of these good practices:

  • Stick to a workflow
  • Compose reusable components and modules
  • Write documentation
  • Communicate
  • Monitor
  • Observe and iterate

We liked: Transparency leads to accountability. When you know you have to report your dealings to someone (be it your peers or your boss), it helps you to remain focused. This is one reason why many companies have standup meetings. Nice one!

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