Getting started with state management in Flutter

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Flutter is great for making beautiful cross-platform UIs with its everything is a widget concepts. But how do you actually move data around your application. By Jay Hackett.

A huge paradigm shift when working in Flutter is thinking declaratively. The way most of our brains work make it easy to understand imperative programming concepts. When our code is organized as sequential steps we can follow the code for one branch of code to the next. When programming declaratively we describe what needs to be done and our system responds based on the action we describe.

The article’s content is split into:

  • Shift your design thinking to be declarative
  • Don’t be afraid to re-draw
  • A look at Flutter Ephemeral State
  • But what about when I need to keep track of some global state? Lets talk App State

In conclusion, state is one of those things that are at the core of any application we build. It doesn’t matter what method of state management that you use. What really matters is that you understand the decision behind when to use the types of state within you app. It will help you app become more maintainable as your state management design builds consistency. Excellent info here!

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