Getting started with Rust on the command line

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Florian Gilcher intro into Rust (rustlang) on the command line. It is for people with no previous knowledge in Rust. It also assumes some knowledge about programming, but none about Rust.

Author would like to present why Rust is a feasible option, by writing a small, but useful command line tool. Author will show you how to write a small program that fetches the JSON feed, parses in and outputs it on the console in a formatted fashion.

The article further covers:

  • How to install Rust with rustup
  • How to set up project with cargo – build manager for Rust
  • How to plan your project
  • How to include dependencies in your code, e.g. CLAP – command line argument parser
  • How to use crate with external libraries

Whole code and further explanation present in the article. If you are beginner in Rust this is well worth your time!

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