Getting started with Rancher

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An article by Mike ‘MJ’ Johnson about getting your hands on Rancher. With the power and flexibility of Kubernetes, you also get a massive amount of complexity. Rancher was founded in 2014 with a company focus on creating software to help manage Docker containers. Rancher 2 can help you more easily deploy, manage and maintain your Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments, both on premise and in the cloud.

The article explains:

  • Rancher installation
  • Quick look around admin interface
  • How to setup monitoring
  • How to setup alerting
  • How to catalog Kubernetes deployments

You can use a CI / CD or GitOps approach to ensure having clear documentation for any apps you deploy or modify, but Rancher gives you an easy way to test deployments for either built in apps, stable / experimental Helm charts, or even provide access to your own custom Helm chart repo. Rancher even gives you access to the YAML in case you are just looking for a starting place to write your own custom deployment files. Nice one!

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