Getting started with Microsoft Open Service Mesh

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Microsoft announced the first public release of Open Service Mesh (OSM) an open-source, lightweight, and extensible service mesh implementation, based on the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification. By Thorsten Hans.

A service mesh helps to manage service-to-service network communication in Kubernetes environments. Several features related to communication between individual application components are offloaded from the application code to the service mesh. Typically, service mesh implementations add those capabilities to an application by using Kubernetes’ sidecar-container pattern.

This article explains the core concepts of a service mesh, provides an Open Service Mesh introduction, and demonstrates some common service mesh use-cases.

It explains in great detail:

  • What is a Service Mesh
  • What is the Service Mesh Interface specification
  • Should you consider using a Service Mesh
  • Introducing Microsoft Open Service Mesh
  • Traffic Access Control sor simple Applications
  • Canary Deployments with Open Service Mesh
  • The Open Service Mesh Dashboard

There is a lot to like about the simplicity and frictionless of Microsoft Open Service Mesh. Installing and onboarding applications is straight forward, and by relying on the SMI specification, fundamental tasks can be implemented quickly. You will also get example code in GutHub repository. Great article!

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