Getting started with cloud native tech

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As you complete each project as a consultant, you start noticing patterns. No matter what the differences are between the various architectures, tech stacks and teams, you find yourself following the same steps. By Brendan Kamp.

This is especially true when we start talking about concepts like cloud migrations or Cloud Native transformations. One of the most underrated yet effective steps is simplicity, It might come as a shock, but often the most scalable and effective systems are also the simplest. When moving to the cloud you will often hear the phrase ‘lift and shift’. It is sold as the way to leverage ‘quick’ wins in the cloud.

The guide then give you information on:

  • Embrace simplicity
  • Harvest low-hanging fruit
  • Stay away from buzzwords
  • Throw away what’s not working
  • Define your standards

Throw away what’s not working. This cannot be stressed enough. Working for a consultancy, more often than not you are put into teams that have already tried cloud migrations and failed. In the worst-case scenario, the people that created these migrations are no longer with the company, but the company has sunk X amount of cost into this endeavour and is not willing to forfeit that expense. Good read!

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