Getting started with the Ansible collection for NGINX controller

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Recently, NGINX announced the release of the Ansible collection for NGINX Controller. The collection contains a set of Ansible Roles that make it easy to incorporate NGINX Controller into your workflows. You can automate routine tasks such as generating ephemeral API tokens, managing certificate lifecycles, and configuring Controller objects (Gateways, Applications, and Components). By Brian Ehlert.

The article then describes some of the roles in the collection support day-to-day activities such as:

  • Creating NGINX Plus instances (nginx)
  • Registering NGINX Plus instances with NGINX Controller, by installing the NGINX Controller agent on the NGINX Plus host (nginx_controller_agent)
  • Deploying and configuring NGINX Plus instances as gateways for routing and protecting incoming traffic (nginx_controller_gateway)
  • Managing application workspaces (nginx_controller_application)
  • Configuring components to intelligently and securely distribute traffic to your backend workloads (nginx_controller_component)
  • Managing certificates that are distributed by NGINX Controller to the NGINX Plus instances where they are needed (nginx_controller_certificate)
  • Retrieving an ephemeral API token for the NGINX Controller API (nginx_controller_generate_token)

You will also get video tutorial which explains how to get started with the collection. Good read!

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