Full-Stack Flutter: Creating a backend for your app with AWS & serverless

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Being such a popular language for new developers, many of those using Flutter don’t know how or where to even begin when it comes to setting up a backend for their applications. By BleylDev.

There are a few solutions available such as Firebase, which most Flutter developers use, however, authors are going to cover a more widely used backend, AWS. The hope is that by the end of this article you will be able to quickly spin up your own database, APIs for connecting to that database and the integration of those APIs into your app, so that you can quickly put together a backend for future, or current, projects in Flutter.

The article pays attention to:

  • AWS account setup
  • How to set up a NoSQL database through DynamoDB
  • Configure your dev environment
  • Serverless framework
  • The benefit of Serverless
  • How to set up a model class in our Flutter project
  • How to set up Future methods to handle each type of API call

You can use this setup and expand out from it for future projects that require the use of database structures in AWS. Code examples in the article. Nice one!

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