From Vue to Nuxt: Server-side rendering in a nutshell

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Building front-end apps is no longer limited to taking care of what is happening only in the browser. We need to dig into the server-side as well if we want to provide reliable software. By Patryk Andrzejewski.

The rendering process is handled by the server (usually written in express.js). Modern frameworks are managing it by a special function that takes the components and render them to the string or by the router that returns you rendered and matched components (by the current route).

The article then does a good job explaining following:

  • What is SSR and why we need it?
  • What about the overall business value?
  • How it actually works?
  • Implementation of basic SSR
  • Going to the future - composition API
  • Composition API and Nuxt.js

As a consequence of having two different environments: browser and the server (Node.js) - we need to prepare different bundles for the server and client-side. Both of them are sharing the same javascript code that creates the app. Good read!

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