Flow efficiency: Powering the current of your work

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How can we be more efficient? What’s holding us back from delivering great customer value, sooner? By Sonya Siderova.

The greatest leverage in increasing productivity though is focusing on avoiding delays. Eliminating the causes that block our work and accumulate waiting time is the best way of getting more done, with less effort. Any reduction of inactive time will improve your overall cycle time. Looking at wait time is usually the easiest and cheapest area to investigate first when it comes to process improvement.

Flow efficiency percentage

Source: https://getnave.com/blog/flow-efficiency/

The article then continues and covers following topics:

  • What is flow efficiency?
  • Analyzing the efficiency of your flow
  • Seeing the clear picture of your process
  • How to amplify your flow efficiency?

Let’s suppose your team needed 10 days to deliver a feature, but has only spent two days working on it. The flow efficiency of that feature would be 20%.

210 x 100% = 20%

Not an ideal percentage, but far from bad. Keep in mind it’s not uncommon for teams that are new to workflow management to start with an efficiency in the 15% range.

While trying to improve their flow efficiency, many companies simply start working on more commitments, hoping it will bolster their production rate. Good read!

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